Why do you need Electric Vehicle Roadside Assist?

The transition from an ICE vehicle to Electric Vehicle can be complex and gradual. Electric Vehicle customers can face critical challenges like range anxiety, battery performance, software issues, electrical issues and speed issues, among others. Electric Vehicle Roadside Assist comes as a saviour in disguise, helping you overcome these challenges whenever, wherever.

Electric Vehicle Roadside Assist powers you even in distress with smarter support

Unwanted breakdowns can occur in even the most modern Electric Vehicle vehicles. Our Electric Vehicle Roadside Assist caters to a wide variety of services so that you can zip through your trips with ease.

  • SMART App

    SMART App

    Self-troubleshoot with intelligent QnA and remain stress-free on the go.

  • Remote Diagnostic

    Remote Diagnostic

    Video chat instantly with trained Electric Vehicle specialists and get immediate resolution.

  • Towing/Trained Mechanics

    Towing/Trained Mechanics

    Get on-the-spot minor repairs and towing support with our trained mechanics.

  • Charging Infrastructure

    Charging Infrastructure

    Access charging stations PAN India at the nearest location .

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  • How does it work?

    Step 1 :

    Log in on our SMART App and self-troubleshoot with our intelligent Q&A.

    Step 2 :

    Through our SMART App, instantly video chat with trained Electric Vehicle experts for immediate resolution.

    Step 3 :

    Request for trained Electric Vehicle mechanics to arrive at the location for minor repairs and towing support.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Our breakdown assistance team will only carry out repairs authorised by automobile OEMs. However, we ensure the vehicle is towed to the nearest authorised service station if any major repair is required.

    No, an EV Roadside Assist membership applies to a single vehicle only. Therefore, you will have to take two memberships to cover both cars.

    No, the Roadside Assist membership is not transferable to another vehicle during its tenure. But, if you sell the vehicle, the membership will automatically be transferred to the new owner and remain in force till its expiry.
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