Why do you need Travel Assist?

Travelling can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but unexpected events can quickly turn a dream trip into a nightmare. Travel Assist can help you prepare for and deal with the unexpected while you're on the go. From medical emergencies to lost luggage, our Travel Assist services are designed to help you travel with confidence and peace of mind.

Don't let travel worries weigh you down with Travel Protection services by your side

From flight cancellations to lost luggage, medical emergencies, and more, our Travel Protection services offer a range of benefits to make your travels stress-free. With us by your side, you can travel carefree, knowing that you're protected.

  • Travel Assistance

    Travel Assistance

    Get peace of mind with our travel assistance services.

  • Airport Assistance

    Airport Assistance

    Make your airport experience stress-free with our airport assistance.

  • Travel Delay and Cancellation

    Travel Delay and Cancellation

    We've got you covered in case of travel delays or cancellations.

  • Hotel and Air Bookings

    Hotel and Air Bookings

    Leave the hotel and air bookings to us and focus on your trip

  • Medical Referral

    Medical Referral

    Stay safe and secure with our medical referral services.

  • Lost Document Assistance

    Lost Document Assistance

    Don't panic over lost documents, our assistance team is here to help.

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  • How does it work?

    Step 1 :

    Call us on our toll-free number.

    Step 2 :

    Our Travel Assist team will understand your travelling concerns.

    Step 3 :

    Receive assistance for your issue with quick resolution.

    Step 4 :

    Get assistance for further travel or onward trips.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Travel Assistance is an important form of security that safeguards you from financial risks and losses when you travel. There are lots of ways in which travel assistance can be useful. For example, Trip cancellation/interruption benefits help in reimbursing you for non-refundable trips, and pre-paid holiday expenses up to the amount of the policy limits in case your trip is interrupted or cancelled for valid reasons.

    A dedicated Helpline Number is shared with your policy. You can call on this number any time to connect and seek assistance 24*7.

    We assure you of a hassle-free claims approval process that does not need a lot of paperwork at all. Get in touch with Global Assure using your registered email or phone number and our experienced team will guide you through the procedure seamlessly and efficiently.
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